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We’re Alive!

In Uncategorized on December 18, 2012 at 5:39 am

I’ve been on an extended blogging hiatus but have the itch to rev this baby back up. Since our move “back East” as our California friends would say, we’ve kept busy with settling into our house, fighting over which cabinet should be devoted to Tupperware, settling into new jobs, establishing some new friendships, laughing at our little boy and growing our family (more on this to come!).

I’m loving the colder climate during the Christmas season and getting to watch Liam experience all things Christmas for the first time. Lighted trees, houses and eggnog are a hit; Santa, a complete bust. Perhaps we won’t do Santa in our home after all.

Liam is now nearly 17 months old. Having a child is some of the most fun I have ever had. And he is fun! He giggles, loves peek a boo, blows on hot food, loves to be chased and still loves to snuggle and sit on my lap. Play time with daddy elicits the most belly laughs and some days I am so relieved to here the garage door at 5 o’clock for my back up wrestler to wrangle him for a while. Liam sits on my lap for long stretches of time and will ask me to read book after book after book. I love his excitement over opening a new book.

Liam’s picked up a few more words. “Dada” is his favorite word and it is uttered about a thousand times a day. It usually is accompanied with his hands up in the air and a shoulder shrug as if to say “where’s dada”? “Mama” typically is uttered when he’s crying (go figure). He also says “hi” (my favorite) and often declares it when he comes into a room or when he’s trying to get in our face and get our attention. He says “hot” with a big emphasis on the “h”.

This new toddler stage is so fun as you see them put things together and develop new skills, sometimes within seconds, in front of your eyes. He still has a Buddha belly and chubby cheeks that often remind me that he is still my baby.

For all of you starving to see an updated picture of Liam here you go. I heard him rustling around in our bedroom and just about fell over laughing when he emerged with my bra hanging from his neck. He’ll love this one in 20 years!