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Week in Review

In Uncategorized on April 15, 2012 at 4:04 pm

I saw this on a blog I read and I’m totally stealing it.  Call me ego-centric, but though I love, LOVE my son, this blog has become too Liam-centered, right Barrett??  I’ll still post about Liam, but it’s kind of nice to talk about other things besides my too-quickly growing, no longer sleeping like a champ, chubby and purely delightful child.  This is my week in review.

This Week:

What I’m Reading:  I feel a bit scattered in my reading endeavors as of late.  I’m simultaneously reading a few books on parenting:  Shepherding a Child’s Heart and To Train Up a Child, a book on California history, and a study on the book of Jonah.  Given the limited amount of time I have for reading these days, I should finish them all by the end of 2045.

What I’m Watching:  Confession time:  I LOVE the new show SMASH!  I don’t often find a show that I follow save for the Mecca of all shows that is Lost, but SMASH… I am hooked.  I find the behind-the-scenes perspective of Broadway intriguing (minus all of the adultery and general heathen story lines).  We also rented Hugo this week and highly recommend it.  Man, being a mother changes how you react to movies, doesn’t it?  I could have balled like a baby, and promptly turned to Nathan at the end of the movie and told him we needed to adopt all the orphans we could get our hands on and love the bits out of them.

What I’m Listening To:  Perk #679 of being married to a musical genius that is my husband is the man comes up with some incredible new music to delight my little ears.  Just a sampling of what fills our homes these days is fun., Punch Brothers (lead singer used to be in Nickel Creek), Of Monsters and Men, and All Sons and Daughters.  Liam’s favorite is “Some Nights” by fun..  Seriously, he starts to rock when we play it and his whole face smiles.

What I’m Wearing:  On a recent date night to downtown San Mateo, Nathan and I happened upon a great consignment shop where I found a brand new pair of Free People black skinny jeans.  For $20 bucks.  C’mon people.  That’s a steal!  I.  LOVE.  THEM.

What I’m Eating:  I nurse an 8 month old child.  What am I not eating?  Last night I made a yummy pan of Smore’s Cookie Bars.  Yumm-o!  All the yumminess of a smore without the crumby mess and sticky fingers afterwards.  Definitely a keeper.

What I’m Enjoying:  Recently I’ve been evaluating our life here.  What we give our time to, the relationships that we invest in, and the areas that we minister in.  It’s been refreshing to see the little life that God has crafted and built for us in our transplanted home.  It’s helped me see that He was very present at times when I believed He was absent and has girded up my faith and trust in our Father in ways that only the Holy Spirit can.  Now literally everywhere I look, I see God’s hand.  And that, friends, is a welcome change.

What I’m Smelling:  Some of the jasmine near our apartment has begun to bloom, telling me that spring is here and summer is fast on her heels.  This means that soon it will be cherry season, and after that white peach season, and after that garden fresh tomatoes are here.  This also tells me that 98% of our grocery budget and our fridge will be packed with fruit that I can’t possibly eat all by myself.  I’ve also been smelling a clean kitchen for the last 10 days.  Yes, you can smell it.  Trust me.  My mother-in-law has kept our kitchen clean her entire visit and I’m going to grieve the loss of clean counters when she’s gone.