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I know, I know.  I’m back with…(drumroll please)…another video of Liam!!!!  Shocked?  Excited?  The Barr’s are rolling their eyes (yes, you Barrett).  Here’s the deal.  We live nearly 2,000 miles from family.  We have their grandson 2,000 miles away.  They want to see their grandson.  We could post 10 times a day with different pictures or videos of Liam and they would still ask for more.  So, you get lots of Liam.  If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.  And I promise I’ll make it up to you.  I’m working on a post for later today that’s good and meaty.  But seriously, have you ever seen a cuter kid?  Yah, me either.

This video is much different than Liam playing with a spoon.  In it, he plays with a bowl.  Next we’re giving him the knife set. We want him to be well rounded.  Enjoy.


6 Months!

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6 months old!

Whoa, where did the last half of a year go?!  Liam is now 6 months old and my, oh my, is he ridiculously fun!  Daily he’s doing something new that makes me laugh.  He’s a whopping nearly 19 pounds (75th percentile), 29 inches (98th percentile) and a large head (98th percentile).  The doctor assures me it’s extra brains and not ego.

Here are some of the new things he’s doing:

Sitting up all by himself!  He loves it so much he tries to sit up in his car seat or any other time we have him reclined.

Sitting up enjoying some time outside

Playing with spoons.  You’ve probably already seen the video a few times (or 20 – Nana and Grandma) but these have to be some of his favorite toys right now.  Others are an empty kleenex box and empty coffee can.  Why do we buy toys for children again?

He's going to hate me for this one when he's older.

Fake coughing.  This has to be one of my favorites.  Somehow he’s realized that coughing gets a response from Mama, so he does it all the time.  And he’s so dramatic about it.  It’s hilarious.  I’ll try to catch it on video sometime.

Helping Daddy get in shape.

Started eating bananas.  We started feeding him some solids today to see what he thought.  I’m not in a huge hurry for him to start real food, mainly because nursing is so easy and convenient.  He wasn’t that interested in it.  Took a few bites and then was done.  The video is super long and I have a lot of dumb commentary, but it’s mainly for the grandparents.


Batting his lashes at strangers.  I think we’re going to have our hands full!

Books!  He loves to have a book in front of him.  Of course, he has no idea what it’s for and certainly doesn’t know what it says, but put a book in front of this boy and he comes alive.  He definitely belongs to Nathan and I.

Reading his book about Noah's Ark (Thanks Grampy and Nana!)

Giving kisses.  He loves to grab my face and lick, suck or kiss my cheeks.  He also likes to rub his nose on my cheek.  He probably feels the same way towards Daddy, but a mouthful of beard is quite a deterrent.

Walks.  He loves his stroller and being outside.  Whether he’s sleep deprived, hungry, well rested or well fed, if he’s in his stroller, it doesn’t matter one bit.  🙂

Still sleeping like a champ.  He sleeps about 11 hours straight a night and 3-4 naps during the day.  I don’t know how we got so lucky!

Playing with Daddy.  No one gets as many giggles or squeals of delight out of Liam like Daddy can when he plays “rough” with him.  Mama just doesn’t cut it.  I’ll let that one slide…

We love you baby boy!

Mother of the Year, anyone?

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Do you know how bad it looks when you take a baby into a grocery store and walk out with one lone bottle of vodka?  Not good. Not good at all.  I can only imagine that passersby imagine this scene when we are at home.

In all fairness, I needed the vodka for a pasta dish.  I swear…

My sunshine

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I intended to give you Liam’s 6 month update yesterday (YES!  We have a 6 months old!  What the heck?!), but we are having issues with our photo storage, so hopefully I’ll be back later today with that.  However, there is no shortage of cute Liam footage/documentation around here.  Here’s a little clip of Liam playing and giggling with Mama in the sunshine.  We’ve had gorgeous weather here the last week, as opposed to sun with some clouds, it’s just been sun;  California really changes things up, so we’ve been enjoying as much time outside in the sun as we can soak up.  Sometimes there is a fine line between giggling and crying for Liam, which explains my comment to Nathan at the end.  Oh, how we love this boy.  He is pure sunshine.

The Endurance of His Word

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“Forever, O Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens.  Your faithfulness endures to all generations; you have established the earth, and it stands fast.  By your appointment they stand this day, for all things are your servants.”  Psalm 119:89-91 (ESV)

We live in a diverse community.  Our next door neighbors are from Bangledesh.  Our downstairs neighbors are Indian.  I go to the lake near our house for a walk and hear 3 different languages spoken as a group passes.  I go to get coffee and stand behind a covered woman cloaked in black with only her eyes visible.  I sit at a stoplight and look over to the car next to me and see an idol glued to the dash of the gentleman’s car.  I pass my neighbor’s door every day and see an image of a man sitting in a lotus-position, presumably some form of worship for this family.

We are a minority.  Not just religiously, but ethnically as well.  We live in one of the most unreached areas of the country.  The need for the gospel is so great that somedays it takes my breath.  People hungry, people hurting, people stuck in cycles of sin, lost in darkness.  It’s easy to forget that God is here.  It’s easy to forget that God sees all of this pain and emptiness that I so easily recognize in the eyes of those I encounter or quickly converse with.  How will they hear?  How will they know that there is one who has never changed, whose love is constant, who gave everything He had so that we could know him?

I am often brought back to God’s truth.  That it is unmatched and unrivaled.  That it is good through and through.  As the psalmist says, it is “firmly fixed in the heavens”.  When we sing on Sunday that there is none like you, it now strikes a deeper chord.  Because I regularly see what else is offered in place of God, and certainly there is nothing that can even be compared to Him.  And I am incredibly grateful that He made himself known to us.  God, help us to make you known here.

Christmas in Iowa

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We had a great trip home for Christmas.  Here are some of my favorites from our time with my side of the family.

Liam playing with his toes.

Hanging out with Uncle Tim

Future member of the GOP heading off to the caucuses with his grandparents wearing mascot appropriate attire.

Four generations of Starmers and meeting Great Grandpa Carl.

Hanging out with his cousin Meredith.

Playing with his new train that Grandpa made for him.

The Pride of a Mother

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I love my kid. Sometimes I look at him and think my heart may explode because of how much I love him. And if I’m being honest, I think, hands down, that my child is the cutest child on the planet (don’t we all?). So you can imagine my delight when I take this child out in public, and he smiles, bats his long lashes and babbles at anyone who will give him the time of day. I get so many comments on his cheeks, his smile, how beautiful he is, etc. I LOVE it. What?! I’m being honest. It does a mama’s heart good, I tell you.

So yesterday, I needed to run a bunch of errands the last of which was a stop at the Asian market. I went in, found what I needed and headed to the checkout line. As the woman was scanning my items, I noticed her staring at Liam. Again my pride began to swell, as I imagined how cute she must think he is, that she had never in her lifetime seen such beautiful eyes on a child, and “wow, his dad must be HOT!”. Hey, he has to get his looks from somewhere, and I’m that someone that takes that man home every night. Yah, she was totally envying my life, and if she spoke better English, she probably would have told me that. I signed my credit card receipt, grabbed my bag and walked out cockily with my beautiful child in arm, heading home to my perfect life. As I walked out the front doors, I looked down and realized the source of those stares.

Unbeknownst to me, my beautiful and perfect child, had spit up all down the front of me. “Spit up” doesn’t really do the action justice. It was more like a volcanic eruption of curdled milk mixed with drool. All. Down. My. Front. He left a puke strand dangling from the bottom of my jacket between my legs. My master puker also managed to leak his treasure all over my wallet which he had decided made a great chew toy.

Then came the humbling reality that the cashier was less impressed with my child’s good looks and more astonished at his projectile qualities. In one moment I went from that easy breezy new mom with not a care in the world, to the one’s I often look down my nose at with dirty looking children that should have been given a bath before seeing the light of day.

Ah, motherhood. One moment you’ve got it all together, and the next, you remember that you produce and care for children for a living and that will never be seamless or without puke.

Wooden Spoons Are All the Rage

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Add “mastery of wooden spoons” to Liam’s repertoire.


Assuming the Best

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My marriage is constantly on my mind.  What I continue to fail at in regards towards Nathan, what could be better, what I’m frustrated about, what’s good, and the list goes on.  Nathan and I both have large opinions and strong wills which can sometimes lead to tumultuous interactions.  3 years and a baby later, I find myself continuing to mess up the great metaphor that God gave us for marriage, Christ and the Church.  Most of my life revolves around my marriage.  Liam is a product of our marriage.  Our finances are combined and must be managed mutually because we agreed to be in this until death do us part.  Even my faith and ability to walk well is largely affected by my relationship with Nathan.  You get the point.  It’s often on my mind.

This morning in church as we celebrated communion, I bowed my head and began my confessions.  And utmost in my mind was my selfishness that so often rears its ugly head in my relationship with Nathan.  And then it came to me.   Like a blurred image suddenly made clear.  What if I always assumed the best of Nathan?  What if I assumed in every conversation, every action, and every gesture toward me from my husband was done with the very best intentions and motives.  How much would my marriage be different.?  How much more tenderness would enter our home?  How much less would I be brought so instantly to anger?  It seems so easy, yet so unattainable.  But I’m going to tie it a shot.  Wish me luck.

A Measly Endeavor

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I love to blog. I blog very little. At any moment of the day I have 1-3 blog posts being written in my mind. These rarely become a reality. Sometimes I even make myself laugh as I’m writing them in my head. These are the facts, people. Blogging affords me way to make often circular ideas in my brain more linear and thought through. That reason alone is enough to make me blog more.

So here you have it. My self-imposed challenge to blog every day for the next 30 days. Anyone care to join me?