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Liam’s Birth Story (part 2)

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So Nathan and I were now the proud parents of little Liam.  He measured in at 8 pounds, 7 ounces.  My L & D nurses were shocked that I’d had that big of a baby.  We noticed that Liam had wavy hair, and a little birthmark on his arm.  He had a high-pitched little scream to him, and a serious almost worried look on his face when he wasn’t crying.  I’m convinced he’s going to be a little thinker like Nathan.

After 20 hours on pitocin and labor and not being allowed to eat at all nor drink more than a cup of ice every two hours due to my preeclampsia meds, I was given the best meal of my life.  I can’t even remember now what it was (in fact, that whole 20 hours is a bit fussy now because of the magnesium I was on).  I nursed Liam, he was given a bath and we were moved to a room in the maternity ward.  Luckily the ward wasn’t that busy and were able to get a room all to ourselves, something that isn’t guaranteed with our hospital.

Dad and Liam

We finally decided on a name, and called our family to tell them Liam was finally here.  I was so relieved that labor was over, but I had to remain on the magnesium for another 24 hours after Liam’s birth in case of a preeclamptic seizure, so unfortunately, I don’t really remember a lot of that next day.  I know that at some point, my parents arrived, having driven from Iowa and arrived in record time, and that we laid low and were really grateful to not have visitors and just enjoy Liam and catch as much rest as we could.

Grandpa and Grandma Starmer meeting Liam.

Despite a higher than normal loss in birth weight from Liam, we were allowed to go home the following Sunday.  I was so relieved to be out of the hospital, in my own home and sleeping in my own bed.  I may have, more than once, sworn through the whole situation that I would never have another child, but am slowly changing my mind as Liam steals more and more of my heart.

Going home from the hospital.


Liam’s Birth Story (part 1)

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Liam’s birth story is not at all what we had expected or even planned on, but you sometimes you can’t plan for every circumstance and we were happy to have a healthy baby boy and that’s all that matters to us.

I went in for my 38 week check up one day shy of being 39 weeks.  Up until this point the previous 38 weeks had been uneventful and everything was checking out fine.  Baby had dropped 4 weeks before and I was dilated as of week 36 to 2cm.  My appointment started like every other one, only this time my blood pressure was high.  So they took it several times and it continued to climb.  I think it was more due to being anxious that my blood pressure was slightly high the first time and they kept taking it.  I next was seen by the midwife who checked me for swelling and wanted to see how far dilated I was.

Taken a few days before he was born, 45 pounds heavier, carrying an 8 1/2 pound baby!

My high blood pressure and some swelling in my feet and hands were causing concerns for preeclampsia, a disease that starts to treat the placenta like an invader and tries to kill it off, thus harming the baby and the mother.  As she was checking my cervix she decided to strip my membranes to encourage my body to go into labor, without asking, something Nathan and I probably wouldn’t have agreed to.  I was shocked that she would do something like that without asking me and right on cue, I started getting contractions more regularly than the Braxton Hicks I’d had for the last few weeks.

After my exam, they sent me over to the hospital to have blood work done and to be monitored.  They said most likely they would end up sending me home and that it was only for precautionary measures.  On the car ride over to the hospital I really lost it.  I decided that I did, in fact, not mind staying pregnant forever, and was positively freaked out about labor.  I started to cry and Nathan reassured me that we’d get through it and that everything was more than likely going to check out fine.

After about an hour at the hospital, the OB on duty came in to say that my blood work suggested signs of preeclampsia, and that coupled with the regular contractions I was having (mostly because they stripped my membranes, and not because of nature taking it’s course), and my being nearly 39 weeks, that they were going to induce labor and get the baby out.  Induction was something we didn’t want, but we also didn’t want to take the chance that I was in fact preeclamptic, head home and end up having a seizure and putting the baby and myself at risk, so we were a bit stuck.

After talking it over we decided to start the medication for preeclampsia, Magnesium Sulfate, a miserable drug if you ever have to have it, and chose to hold off on the pitocin to see if labor was progressing naturally.  After 2 hours, my contractions basically stopped, so they started the pitocin.

Nathan headed home as we hadn’t brought anything with us because we weren’t expecting to be admitted, and our friend Helen came to sit with me while he was gone.  She was a lifesaver and totally took my mind off of the whole situation.

Helen keeping me company.

Through the night I had contractions, but they weren’t strong and the magnesium succeeded in making me sick and extremely groggy and counter-acted the pitocin which was trying to get my body into labor.  With little progress from the pitocin, at  7:30am the next morning they broke my water and within 20 minutes my easy contractions became ridiculously painful.  Nathan did his best to keep me relaxed and my spirits up, but they were becoming unmanageable.  As soon as I could, I grabbed my nurse by the arm and begged her for drugs.  At 10:30 I got an epidural (such a beautiful invention of modern medicine!), and within an hour I had gone from 5 to 10cm.

By 12:30 I started to push and Liam joined us at 1:23pm.  They instantly put Liam on my chest when he came out and I couldn’t believe how beautiful and perfect he was.  It really is difficult to put in to words what I felt when I first saw him and touched him.  He had such chubby little cheeks and a scrunched up face.

Holding Liam for the first time

I guess the closest I can get, is to say it was something like complete and utter joy.  He was equally a part of Nathan and I and I was overwhelmed that we had made something together so beautiful.  Thinking back on it now, I am convinced that truly God loves us.  If welcoming us into his family when we are born again is even a tenth as beautiful as it was to have Liam, then surely we have a God that loves us.

Liam is not thrilled with what they're doing to him!

Catching Up

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There have been two factors in my lack of posts. One reason is obvious, I just can’t seem to find enough time in the day to care for Liam, shower, feed the little chubby monkey that is our son, kiss his cheeks sufficiently, feed myself, and keep our home in some semblance of order. Mothers of more than one child are now rolling their eyes, but seriously women, how do you do it? Is there some sign up for house elves that I missed out on?

The other reason is more technical, in that I’ve not had access to all of our pictures of our sweet baby boy because they’re all on Nathan’s laptop, and let’s face it you’re mostly if not completely here to see pictures of Liam, not hear me drone on about this and that.

Well, as luck would have it both issues have been resolved. I’m having some trouble healing from bringing Liam into the world and have been ordered off my feet for the next 7 days which means no housework, cooking, going out, grocery shopping, you get the idea. It’s just me, my couch and Liam (when he’s hungry), so I have quite a bit of time to catch up on all of our happenings. Secondly, my technologically-astute husband discovered and implemented some photo sharing software that gave me access to over 2,000 photos of Liam’s first two months of life! So sit back and buckle your seat belts because 2,000 pics takes a while to look through. Just kidding. You love my son, and I love my son, but no one loves 2,000 pictures of my son…well, I love to 2,000 pics of my son, but I painfully and laboriously (pun intended) carried him for 9 months and brought him into the world, so I have an excuse.

I’m finally going to post Liam’s birth story, visits from his grandparents, photos from our little amateur maternity photo shoot, our mini-getaway to Mendocino before Liam came, and maybe another here or there, if you’re lucky. And while you’re at it, if you think of it, please pray that my body would right itself in the next 7 days. I would really love for our only doctors visits from here on out to be Liam’s monthly checkups and no more OB’s. Stay tuned…