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It’s All Coming Together

In Uncategorized on July 13, 2011 at 8:54 am

The days of this pregnancy are slowly winding down.  I’m almost 37 weeks (woot woot!) and the reality of Eaglette joining us is sinking in!  Most of the preparations are complete.  I’m feeling a little lazy and suffering from some writer’s block, so I thought I’d update you in list form this morning.  Does that sound ok?  Yah?!  Ok, here we go!

– Eaglette is close to having a name!!  Woohoo!  We have a short list and plan to settle on the final masterpiece at the hospital.  And no, George and Herbert did NOT make the list.

– The Mr. and I had an amazingly relaxing and beautiful getaway up to Mendocino County for a few days at a B & B to enjoy some time together before Eaglette comes in and changes a lot of things.  (Another post on this to come!)

– My apartment is officially “deep cleaned” thanks to Grandma Patty (my mom).  She was my savior this last week as she came in cleaned, organized, sent me off to nap, and generally reassured me that I won’t make a wreck of this child and that my chosen placement of diapers in baby’s little nook was appropriate. (Yeesh, the things that I feel like I need reassurance on these days is becoming ridiculous!)  Bottomline:  Soon-to-be-moms or new moms need assurance from their own mamas that everything is going to be ok.

– I am dialated to 2cm (TMI?) and Eaglette has dropped (about 3 weeks ago now), and is sitting very, and I mean very, low.  My midwife thinks I might go early, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up as these things can often mean nothing in terms of when you’ll actually deliver.  But the upside is that he’s where he should be and everything looks normal and healthy.  God is good.

– Most annoying pregnancy symptoms at the moment include, but are not limited to:  heartburn, sleepless nights, carpal tunnel (yes!  you can get this in pregnancy, who knew??), and an overall sense of being uncomfortable.

– Eaglette’s little corner of the closet and all of this things are mostly organized and stashed away.  I am becoming a master space saver.  Some day I ought to do a post on how to live in 700 sqft, with one bedroom and baby sleeping in a closet and how NOT to have things and space feel cramped and over-running your life.