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Surprise Shower!

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Last Saturday, Nathan and I came home from running errands to find one of the sweetest surprises on our doorstep.  A baby shower by mail!  My sweet sweet friend Steph had Nathan and I’s friends that are scattered across the country send her gifts for Eaglette and boxed them all up and sent them to Nathan and I.  I was so overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness and love, and missing their beautiful faces.

Some of the goodies

Nathan and I are so grateful for the friendships that God has used to challenge and grow us in our faith.  As we’ve moved away from home and moved on with our lives we’ve come to realize that those friendships are not easily replaced, and probably won’t ever be. And though, for some of them they’re three time zones away, God still uses them to encourage us and refresh us even from a distance.  So thank you for all of you that sent something, not just for the gift, but for reminding us how truly blessed we are by all of you.  It really meant more to me than I’m able to express in a blog post.


34 weeks!

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“Two posts in one day!”  is, I’m sure, what you’re thinking…but hang in there, there will be THREE posts today.  I’m behind!

When we first found out we were pregnant, I had in my head, these grand plans of making cute little cards each week and taking a picture each week of my growing belly.  Unfortunately life didn’t slow down for this tired mama and I found that all I wanted to do after a full day of work, some of which is spent on my feet is to come home and sink into the couch.  The point to all of this is that I decided it had been far too long since my last baby bump photo, so here I am in all my matronly glory at 34 weeks.

Eaglette at 34 weeks

34 weeks finds me increasingly tired and sleeping less and less.  Luckily I feel like if I have a bad night’s sleep, I’m able to make up for it the next night.  Eaglette continues to be as active as ever and I’ve decided that if he’s quiet then he must be sleeping and if he’s awake, he’s dancing an Irish jig.  No in between.  It’s really started to become real to me that we are actually having a baby and that this baby will be a forever thing.  The other day on my commute to work I found myself talking to him in response to his movements like he was/is a real person.  Obviously, I realize that’s what I’ve been doing these last 8.5 months, growing a real person, but he is beginning to FEEL real to me.

I found some pictures of myself at work this last week before I knew I was pregnant and I had a hard time remembering what it was like not being pregnant, a sure sign that this gestation period is nearing it’s end.  Nathan’s “to-do” list is slowly getting knocked out one by one and I think I’m probably starting to experience some nesting like needing everything in it’s place and needing it done now.

Nathan and I are getting away this next week for a few days and heading up along the North Coast to relax and enjoy some time together of it just being the two of us while we can.  I can’t wait.  I *hope* to post pictures of our little excursion, but my faithful readers will most likely not be holding their breath for that one…

Midwest Baby Shower

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At the beginning of June, I had the opportunity to travel back to our homeland for a shower thrown by my sweet sister and sister-in-law.  It was so fun to see family and a few friends, some that I hadn’t seen in over 2 years since our wedding!  We were OVERWHELMED by the love of everyone for Eaglette, Nathan and I.  Thank you to everyone who came, and thanks to my sisters for throwing such a great party!  Thanks, Stacey for taking pictures at the party.

With my cousin Maggie, due two months after me. (Me at 32 weeks)

I also got to spend some time with Nathan and my parents.  We all met up Friday night at Hessen Haus for some Deutsche grub and it was incredible.  As I sat there flanked on my right by my own mother, on my left my mother in law, and across from me our dad’s, I was again reminded of God’s provision for us in the way of great parents.  I started to think about the legacy these two couples have started for us and the wisdom they so often provide to us.  Our little guy is going to love them so much and be blessed by grandparents whose greatest joy would be to see him grow to know and love the Lord.  And they’re a lot of fun too.

Nathan's parents, Derek & Pam

Iowa is also somewhat a place of retreat for me.  Whenever I return, it seems like God uses it to refocus on my faith.  When I’m in Iowa I’m reminded of where I was spiritually before we came to California and He always reminds me that He is just as much here as He is there.  Sounds painfully obvious, but let me tell you, there are days when I desperately struggle to see Him in our circumstances here.  While I was visiting Cornerstone while back, I heard a great quote by Jeff Dodge that said “We can not underestimate God’s power in the midst of our own weaknesses.”  It was a little morsel that I needed reminded of.

I had a lot of down time with my own parents.  We swam, ate, slept and shopped a little.  They LOVE to take me around their property to show me what they’ve planted or what they’re working on.  As I left for the airport it was the strangest feeling to know that this would be the last time that I was in the home that I grew up in without my own child.  I’ve always been the baby of the family, especially my dad’s baby and I felt nostalgic about hugging my dad goodbye and knowing that the next time he saw me I’d have a baby in my arms.  My next thought was “I’m not ready for this”, followed by a glance and my bulging belly and thinking “Too late.”  🙂

So now I’m home sitting in our living room, surrounded by piles of new baby gear, most of which I’m not even sure of it’s function and wondering where we put all of this stuff.  With 6 weeks to go we’re in full baby prep mode, talking about labor, getting our room ready, working on names for the little booger, and sleeping a lot!  My last day of work has been set and I’m trying to not count down the days until I’m done but enjoy these last 6 weeks of relative freedom.

The “Other Man” in my life

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It’s no secret that I love my dad.  Why God was so gracious to me in my earthly father, I don’t know.  But I sure am grateful.  In anticipation of Father’s Day, I started to think back on some fun memories with my dad and thought I’d jot them down.

Dad, like clockwork, could be found at the breakfast table at 5:30 in the morning eating his bowl of Wheaties and usually reading his Bible.  I don’t think I realized until I was older how this common picture growing up would instill in me how necessary it was to start your day off with the Lord.  But back to the cereal.  Dad was the one that taught me that even though Mom only bought healthy cereal, that you could still dump a decent amount of sugar in it to make it sweet, and in an instant we had SUGAR CEREAL!!!

One time Dad and I were both home sick and he decided that was a good time to teach me to play poker.  We sat wrapped in blankets betting with a bag of pennies.  It was probably my most enjoyable sick day, I’ve ever had.

Iowa was no stranger to winter storms and on one occasion Dad thought he’d take me to the ditch across the street to sled.  But this ditch had a lot of brush, young trees, tall grass.  So he’d whip me down the side of that ditch as I’d hit branches left and right.  I’m sure I came home with several bruises but the fun had made it entirely worth it.  Even now he and my mom love to take the grandkids out sledding when they get a big snow.  He loves a good time.

Dad is, by nature, a historian.  I don’t know that he would say that about himself, but he loves to learn the story behind a particular place or event.  He’d return from a deployment whether it was Iraq, Turkey or Italy and tell us stories about the places he’d been and what he’d seen.  I was enthralled.  I couldn’t wait for Dad to get home from a long trip away.  A. because I missed him and B. because he always brought us presents.  It was like Christmas! He give us our gifts and then tell us all about where he bought it why he bought it, etc.  Even our annual ski trip to Colorado was a chance for him to tell me about different stops along the way and their historical significance.  I think my love for history and why I eventually earned my bachelor’s in history was a thirst for knowledge about things long past planted my dad.

In case you didn’t know, Dad is THE person to travel with.  The man packs the best junk food.  I fondly recall a drive to the south, Mississippi perhaps, where he and I sat in the front seat and for hours ate circus peanuts until I felt ill.  A few months back he and my mom came to the Bay Area to visit us and we took them to the Ferry Building which is loaded with local food and produce.  He loves to try EVERYTHING and he always shares.  🙂

Dad has also been a sounding board for me on multiple occasions.  When Nathan and I were dating we’d had a disagreement (shocker!) and Dad came home one day to find me home from college sitting in the living room crying.  He listened to my plight, inwardly, I’m sure, thinking I was being ridiculous, but at the end of making my case, sat down and let me curl up in his lap.  Just recently I found myself in tears with him yet again and he was just silent and comforting.  He knows when to be silent and listen or when you need bopped over the head with the truth.

Dad also kept a tight reign on my sister and I’s dating life.  No boy was allowed to take us out unless Dad had “the talk” with them beforehand.  As a teenage girl chomping at the bit to break into the dating world this was mortifying.  As a grown woman I look back and see all the heartache and trouble I was spared because, he put the fear of God in these young boys and it mattered to my dad who we were spending our time with and that we were kept safe and respected.  Dad taught me to be choosy in my men and that not any Joe-Blow would do.  I think that’s probably why I chose so well (I might be biased) in Nathan.

Saturday mornings were my chance to let the sarcasm and teasing fly as my dad and I would sit over Mom’s famous pancakes and relentlessly tease each other until my mother had had enough.  Sometimes we’d get him laughing so hard that he could hardly breath.  Mom calls it his Muttley laugh.  He pulls that one out when he’s really tickled about something.

I could go on and on with story after story.  Thank you for all these memories, Dad, and the many more that we’ll share together as a family.  Thanks for your devotion to our family and for all of the stress and frustration you endured through raising us.  You are so dear to Tim, Missy and I and we hope that not just on Father’s Day you know how much respect, love and admiration we have for you.