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28 weeks

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We’ve officially entered the third trimester, and by “we” I definitely include Nathan in that as he endures a lot of my final trimester -“isms” with me.  Poor guy.  With the third trimester has come a whole new set of symptoms.  Heartburn seems to be an unshakeable companion (my midwife just gave me some tips yesterday that seem to be helping), achy hips, difficulty sleeping and a bulging uncomfortable rib.  Ah, pregnancy.  All of these are signs that in fact Eaglette continues to grow and show signs of health, so for that I’ll take all the heartburn I can get.

We kicked off my final trimester with a little camping excursion to the coast.  We really had a great time and enjoyed a nap in the sand listening to the crashing waves and some time out of the city.  However about the third time of crawling out of our tent on my hands and knees and struggling to catch a breath from my increasingly cramped diaphram, I thought to myself “never again will I do this at 7+ months pregnant.  I mostly spent my time in a chair eating, which really isn’t such a bad gig.  We also celebrated my birthday the same weekend and I received way more things for Eaglette than for myself.  I’m trying to come to terms with life no longer being all about me, something Nathan’s been trying to teach me for years.  But let me tell you, this baby boy is going to be one decked out little man.  I can’t wait to put a little pair of chubby thighs into some of these onesies.

We had my 7 month check up yesterday and were surprised that we got to see Eaglette in an ultrasound.  They again confirmed that we are having a boy, without a doubt, and we got to see that precious little face.  It’s always strange to me when I see our baby on the monitor.  I love to see that little face but at the same time feel like he is such a stranger to me.  A stranger that will forever change our lives.  I wonder if he’ll look like his daddy (please Lord!) or if he’ll have my temper, or maybe Nathan’s toes.  This pregnancy seems to be winding down more quickly than I’d like it to, and it seems strange that in 3 short months he’ll be in our arms.  They also asked me at our appointment to start keeping track of how long it takes him to kick 10 times within an hour.  Not surprisingly, it only took the kid 5 minutes to give me 10 good whaps.  He is so active!

I’m beginning to prepare myself mentally to end my slavery to work and switch gears to being a slave at home.  I’m really grateful that we’re able to have me stay home and care for the peanut full time but know it will take some adjusting as well.  We’re still far from settling on any semblance of a name, but making a little headway.  I take comfort that I’ve yet to meet a person, young or old, that was never named because their parent’s couldn’t agree on one.

I don’t have any pictures for you today, but perhaps I’ll convince Nathan to post a few later in the week.  All you really need to know is that my belly is getting big!  I’m sure you can imagine what that looks like.  😉


Marriage: Year 2

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We were super busy around our anniversary this past month that it came and went with little fanfare.  As I’ve been out sick this week I’ve had time to slow down and think back on the last year, our second of marriage and see/think through what lessons I’ve learned.  You might remember this post last year commemorating our first year of marriage.  I took some time and re-read it and found myself wishing that I’d taken my own advice.  I am so glad that first year is done and in the history books, never too be lived again, it was H.A.R.D., people.  Year two wasn’t so easy either, but it at least taught me that there’s a reason God designed marriage for a lifetime, because it will take that long just to get a few things right!

One little disclaimer before I give you some thoughts.  I find it is so easy in the blogosphere to sound all put together, neat and polished.  So as you read this look at it less as what I’ve figured out and mastered, but instead more as a reminder to myself.  If you were a fly on my wall for even 5 minutes you would be keenly aware that I am not getting this stuff right but that God is patiently, graciously and sometimes painstakingly teaching these things to an often foolish woman (just ask my husband!).  So without further ado, lessons on marriage:  year 2.

1.  Encourage, encourage, encourage.  I said this last year, but I can’t say it enough, speak highly of your husband at all times to all people.  And do it honestly, not making him out to be someone he’s not, but instead all the good stuff that he is.  He desperately needs to know without question that you stand by him and behind him in whatever he’s doing, even when he’s wrong.

2.  I don’t pray for my husband nearly enough.  Let’s face it, life isn’t easy, at least ours isn’t, anyway, and interceding on his behalf is so important.  There is so much to pray for him that I could almost make a career our of it.

3.  Nathan consistently out-serves and out-loves me.  Sometimes I forget that I was created for him, not the other way around.  I need to step up how much I serve him, especially when I don’t feel like it.

4.  Rights vs. Privileges.  Rights are irrevocable and unquestioned.  Privileges are given for good behavior.  Nathan has a right to my respect.  Everytime.  I struggle at times to know how to show this or what it means, but if you’re not sure, just ask your husband, he can generally call to mind times that you haven’t been respectful.

5.  Sex is another right.  When I said I do, I pledged to give him my body; in sickness and in health, for better or worse, whether dirty socks or kleenex are left on the floor or placed in the hamper or trash bin.

6.  Men often turn out to be like their dads.  In our case this is a very good thing.  Consider that, single women, when you’re looking for a possible spouse.  I am so grateful for Nathan’s dad and the values that he instilled in him growing up.  He’s going to make such a good daddy.

7.  Once married it is very difficult to purse godly character on your own.  You have been yoked (Christianese for being tied to someone for a task at hand) to your husband and if only one of you is pulling the weight the job becomes mangled and makes little progress.

8.  Be busy at home.  We all know women that know what’s going on in everyone else’s lives and spend most of their day dispensing that information to the rest of the neighborhood.  If you’re honest with yourself, that might be you.  Sometimes it’s me.  But when I’m busy at home, physically and with a mindset set on home, I’m too busy to hear the latest gossip and my husband find’s more pride and respect for me because of my discretion.  And when I’m being a busy-body I’m usually being an embarrassment to him.

9.  Year 2 we laughed a lot more together.  Maybe we’re learning not to sweat the small stuff a little more, or we’re becoming the same person (frightening, I know) and find the same things funny, but we laughed a lot more.  And it was refreshing.

10.  There is simply no one else that I’d rather do life with than Nathan.  His honesty, directness, humility and humor make him like no one else, and I more often than not find myself the luckiest woman in the world to crawl into bed with him every night.  He is my Camelot.  A safe place to run to and I’m working to become his safe place too.