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Top Ten quotes from Californians

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We’ve been asked some pretty comical things or had some strange comments directed towards us since we’ve moved out here.  In case you weren’t aware, California IS in fact the center or the universe, therefore …

So without further ado..

#10.  “You’re from where?  What do you do there?” I respond, “The same things you do here, go to the mall, go to movies, eat at Cheesecake Factory.”  Native Californian “Oh, they have those there?”

#9.  “You could be born, raised and never leave the Bay Area your whole life and still be well rounded and aware of the world because we have things like sushi.”

#8.  “You drove from Iowa to Colorado to ski?  Wouldn’t it have been closer to drive to New Hampshire?”

#7.  “And we’re going to send this tax return to Illinoi-SS”  (Emphasis on the “s”.  I guess, in school we were taught that it was silent, but what do Iowans know.)

#6.  “We met the dumbest girl from Iowa once.  She played the fiddle.”  Me:  “What made her dumb?”  Californian:  “She played the fiddle.”

#5.  “I saw that the midwest was hit with a snowstorm.  What do you DO when you get snowed in??” (said in a voice of shock and horror)

#4.  Californian:  “Where are you from again?”  Me:  “Iowa”  Californian:  “Right, potatoes”  Me:  “No, you’re thinking of Idaho.”  California:  “Right, so where is Iowa again?”

#3.  Californian (& dear friend, I must add): “What National Parks are in Iowa, again?”  Nathan:  “Umm, none.”

#2.  This is not a universal Californian idea, but it’s pretty common.  If you’re going to drive more than three hours anywhere, they wonder why you don’t just take a plane.

#1.  A co-worker the other day asked me why I didn’t have an accent.  I told her it was because I was from the Midwest.  Come to find out she thought the Midwest was synonymous with the South.


Here we go a registering

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Nathan and I are heading out tonight to charge the big, scary mountain of creating a baby registry.  Let me give you a little picture into the differences between my sweet husband and I.  I approach stuff like this like a sprinter:  get in, get a gun, shoot some barcodes, get out quick, and go get some fro-yo.  Nathan’s is more the approach of a marathoner (is that a word?).  He likes to take his time, read consumer reviews, ask lots of questions, take a few months then decide, change his mind a few days later after finding a couple other reviews on the product, switch to something else, switch back again, commit to that product, and then analyze this decision for weeks, months, even years.  So you can imagine our elation toward this task.

This is where all you faithful readers come in.  We would love to hear of any suggestions, recommendations, warnings, etc. you might have on baby gear.  Keep in mind we have a very-little-with-no-storage one bedroom apartment, so things like exer-saucers (am I out of my league as a mother if I don’t know how to spell that correctly), motorized swings, changing tables, or any other not truly necessary and grossly oversized baby gear are completely out.  But please tell us if you have suggestions on strollers, car seats, backpacks, a great drug that knocks kids out for a solid 12 hours at night, or other large items we’ll need to purchase to ensure that Eaglette makes it safely through his first two years of life.  We also feel no guilt in purchasing non-green, non-organic items, nor do we have that kind of disposable income anyway.  I’m out of disclaimers, so leave your comments below!

25 weeks and counting

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I’m nearly 25 weeks now and feeling great.  We went to the doctor for Eaglette’s monthly checkup.  All is well and I discovered that I’ve gained a whole 20 lbs so far.  Since I’ve always been thin it’s kind of interesting to gain weight and see where I’m packing it in.  Needless to say, Eaglette nor I are going hungry.  🙂

We also found out that I’m Rh negative, so I’ll be receiving a shot of Rhogam in a few weeks to take care of that.  It’s nothing serious and is easily taken care of with this drug.  Modern medicine certainly is a blessing!  The little Mr. is moving SO much!  I love (almost) every kick and squirm that he makes.  It really is incredible how our bodies create this whole new human being.  I can’t help but see God’s fingerprints all over the whole process and production.  Nathan has also at times, due to my hormonal outbursts, nicknamed me “Pregg-zilla”.

Tax season is finally over (woo to the freakin’ hoo…seriously)!  I’m giddy just thinking about taking work at a slower pace.  We’re celebrating by hosting my parent’s for Easter.  I can’t wait to see them and Eaglette will surely enjoy all the belly lovin’ he’s going to get from Grandma!  Nathan’s busy with Easter services and a drama they’ve been working on.

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary a few weeks ago.  What a difference a year makes!  If it’s true that they say you love your spouse more and more every year, then in 20 years my heart may explode.  God certainly lavishes his blessings on me through Nathan.  I can’t imagine my life without him and I love that he’s the first and the last thing I see everyday.  I randomly won 2 free tickets to a San Jose Sharks game the night of our anniversary, so we enjoyed us a little tussle on the ice.  It was so fun!  Sorry, no pictures, I’ve been slacking.  Nathan’s parents gifted us a weekend at a marriage conference for our anniversary (Thanks Derek & Pam!), so last weekend we enjoyed getting away for a day and half and thinking, praying and talking about our marriage.  We had a really fun date night too that ended in Pinkberry.  Pregnancy + Pinkberry = overstuffed and blissfully happy Preggo.

In other news, I seem to have also married a thug.  He may be the whitest thug you’ve ever met, but this boy loves him some hip hop.  As I write this he’s forcing me to listen to the Kanye West album, trying to get me to love it.  Yah, I think it’s funny too.  I just hope this new found love doesn’t end in him sporting a bandana on his head in some fashion and sagging jeans that show his fruit of the looms.  He definitely adds color to our life.  🙂

Well, if you’ve made it through all of my random updates and ramblings you deserve a prize in the form of me at nearly 25 weeks.

25 weeks

Ode to Uncle Jim

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On Monday, my Uncle Jim drew his last breath and passed from this world.  Our family (all 70 of us) are grieving for a man that was taken too soon.  The funeral will be later this week, but I’m unable to attend it in the Midwest.  Funerals are strange creatures.  They embody so much sadness and grief, but they also afford us the opportunity to say goodbye and gain some closure of the loss while being surrounded by those you love.  Since I can’t be there, I wanted to write down my thoughts and memories of my uncle.  He really was a great man and will be greatly missed by all of us.

My earliest recollection of Jim was waking from a nap (I was probably 4 or 5), going to look for my mom and finding her sitting in the living room with a man and woman I didn’t recognize.  Jim and his wife, Kim, were living overseas (Germany, perhaps) and were back visiting.  I think I eventually warmed to him and he coaxed me to sit on his lap.  I was a sucker for that man from that day forward.

Jim was in the Army and was often traveling.  My mom talked about him while he was away like he was a hero, off fighting for our nation, sacrificing time with his family to serve our country.  But as I got older, I began to understand that my mom’s heroic attributes of Jim were also due to his character.  Jim was upright.  He worked hard, was honest, took care of his family, loved them more than anything and did what was right.  I loved him for all those things, but I especially loved him for his stories.

My mom’ family is LARGE, she’s one of nine siblings.  So whenever we’d have a family gathering, one of my first questions was “Are Jim and Kim coming?” and my second was “Are they staying with us?”.  A visit from them meant that mornings would be spent at the kitchen table listening to Uncle Jim tell stories.  He told us stories about his travels abroad, his hunting stories, some humorous tale about one of our crazy aunts and uncles.  He had a way of drawing the attention of an entire room as he talked.  I think people listened to him not only because he could tell a story and have you gasping for breath from laughter, but also because he was a man worthy of respect.

I could usually tell, growing up, when my mom was on the phone with Jim.  Several key indicators were the hour, usually before 7:30am, and the hysterical laughter emitting from her whole body.  My mom would tell me often, “Your Uncle Jim would give you the shirt off his back.”  And he would.  Several visits to their home in Missouri taught me that that was my time to get anything I wanted!  🙂  He had a big heart.

Uncle Jim was one of the last people I danced with at my wedding.  He said something to me like ‘You’re too gorgeous for your own good.’  These are just snapshots from a niece that periodically saw a dearly loved uncle.  Jim, you’re life was lived well and large.  In your 50 years, you saw more and did more than most of us will do in a lifetime.  It doesn’t make the loss any easier, but it helps us to be filled with gratitude for the years that God gave you on earth.  We pray for Kim and your family as they grieve and look forward to celebrating with you in heaven one day.