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For sometime now we’ve wanted to visit Yosemite in the winter after a big snow storm. They have these heated tent/cabins you can rent for under $50 a night and while its no $450/night stay at the Ahwahnee Lodge its a great cheap way to stay overnight in the valley.  So last week, when the forecast called for several feet of snow in the Sierras, we made our reservation Tuesday and headed up Friday night.  After a slow bumper to bumper drive out the city, a longer then expected stop to put on some borrowed chains that were a bit to big, and an hour waiting inside the park for a car to be pulled out of a cliff side ditch we made to the valley in just under 6 hours.  The normal drive is under four, but as you’ll see from the pics below it was well worth the effort.



















Bumpity, Bumpity

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By popular demand and a little guilting (you know who you are, Jenny Martin) I come bearing baby bump photos.  The first one is when I was, I believe, 11 weeks, or something like that.  All I know is that I wasn’t feeling well.  The second, taken today,  I’m 15 weeks.  It’s only coincidence that I’m wearing the same outfit.  There’s only so much of my wardrobe that still fits me and I’m trying not to buy a ton of maternity clothes.

In other news, I’m loving the second trimester.  I feel SO much better it’s unbelievable!  I’ve felt well for the last 4 days or so and I think it’s here to stay!  Wohoo!  Maybe I won’t hate pregnancy after all…(I’m probably getting ahead of myself).

Bits of Tid

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I know it may not seem like it, but I really am trying to be better about posting.  I think of all these great ideas for posts while I sit at work slaving away, working for “The Man”, but alas, when I return home, they’ve left me.  So here in no particular order is a list of things on my mind.

– I know that we need to start taking belly pics, and I’ve had several requests for them so far, but honestly I feel miserable.  And every picture Nathan takes of me looks like a portrait of misery.  Let’s face it, when you’re newly pregnant and sick, the last thing I want to do is post a picture of me on the world wide web.

–  Nathan’s been doing a little Bible read through plan, and the other day commented on what a bummer the story of Jacob working for 7 years to get Rachel only to wake up with Leah the morning after and work ANOTHER 7 years to get the woman he actually wanted.  I lovingly asked Nathan if he would have worked 7 years for me, to which he replied, I kind of did.  What a fool I was to lead that boy along for 7 years.  Did I mention the man has perseverance?

–  I like to look for reminders throughout my day of how good I have it to be found in Christ and what a difference salvation has made in me.  Talk to an unbeliever for just 5 minutes and you’ll get just that.  My coworkers are one of God’s best tools right now to show me what I have and to teach me gratitude, and to break my heart for the lost.  It wasn’t that long ago that was me, searching for something to fill the void.

–  Speaking of coworkers, have I mentioned how much I love the people I work with?  They are great and crazy!  I could write a book on their interesting lives.  One coworker the other day told me how she moved to Mexico City a few years ago to follow some guy she fell in love with that was part of a circus.  How awesome is that?!

–  We live in a one bedroom apartment and plan to stay here once Eaglette joins us.  He/She will inhabit our walk-in closet.  (Please don’t call Child Services on us.)  There’s a Chinese family that lives below us in the same size apartment as us.  There are four of them in that tiny space.  Every time I start to complain in my heart of what I think we deserve, but don’t have, I think of that family.  We Americans really live with way more than we need, don’t we?  I think God put them there so I would learn to not complain.

– Thing #356 that I’m trying to not despise about pregnancy:  Heartburn.  I was asked this weekend if I’d had heartburn, to which I cheerily replied not really.  Wouldn’t you know, that night my esophagus began to burn.  Why do I open my mouth?

– Nathan is an “awesome-music-finding-machine”.  I don’t know how he does it but he continually keeps my eardrums happy.

– I was told by a coworker today that if we had more than two children that our children would be horribly maladjusted because clearly we’d not be able to give them enough love.  Speaking as child #3 in my family, clearly my bratty ways are because I was “under-loved”.  It probably bears no weight on this man’s position to mention that he has chosen to have no children of his own.

– It has taken me two weeks to do our laundry.  TWO.  WEEKS.  Can I get a medal for that?  I’d settle for a popsicle.  I told Nathan today that I feel like a loser.  He reminded me that I’m growing a human.  Did I mention how much I love my husband?