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Remember me?

In Uncategorized on October 15, 2010 at 4:48 pm

Hello.  I’m not dead, just busy.  I have the best of intentions of keeping this little bit updated, but somewhere between leaving work for the night and my front door, those intentions go out the window as all I want to do is sink into my couch.  But I have been thinking about blogging.  I come across things all the time that I think ‘I should blog about that’.  I even have 7 posts started that have sadly sat in my “drafts” folder untouched.  So this is my resolve to update more (please don’t hold your breath, it will certainly be your last if you wait for me to become consistent).  And to start it off here is a list of things I’ve been thinking about/thinking about blogging about or just general information about our lives.  🙂

1.  Our shower has a window at the top of it and every morning (who am I kidding, I don’t shower every morning) as I’m washing my hair, I look out the window and see a hummingbird flitting about in the tree outside the window.  It’s delightful.

2.  I started a new job.  Some have inquired as to the job and I wish I could tell you it’s something interesting, but I’m a glorified receptionist, and yes I do the dishes.  Hear that mom and dad?  You sent me to college so that I could clean out someone else’s stale mug of coffee. 

3.  Nathan is not only the bread winner in our home, but now also the bread maker.  That’s right he does 90% of the cooking now and usually the grocery shopping.  With a longer commute and getting home late, it makes it almost impossible for me to make dinner anymore.  And not one complaint from him.  I can’t decide if he’s not complaining because my cooking was bad or because he’s just that amazing.  I’m hoping for option (B).

4.  Speaking of  marriage, I’ve started a new book; one I’ve been hesitant to crack open.  Have you ever had a book that you don’t want to open because you know it’s going to expose “ickies” in your life?  Well, I recently came across Proverbs 14:1 “The wisest of women build her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down”.  God opened my eyes with that proverb to see how often I create discord in our home and it has become a bad habit.  So this week I started “Created to be His Help Meet” (thanks Jen Lee!) and have already been challenged by the first chapter to be more of a helper to Nathan.  I have so much to learn!

5.  Our vacation was so much fun!  We did a whirlwind tour of the Pacific Northwest, clocking 2,100 miles round trip, added two states and one Canadian province to our “I’ve been there” list, and enjoyed some breathtaking scenery (Post half-finished on our vacation and will be forthcoming, I promise!). 

6.  One of my manager’s just bought me an iced mocha from Starbucks.  Jackpot.

7.  We’re coming back to the Midwest for Christmas!  Woo to the Hoo!  With my new job and tight schedules we weren’t sure if a trip home would be on the menu this year, but are excited that it’s actually working out.  We’re driving back, all 1,800 miles of it (one-way, mind you) and Nathan promises it will be epic.  I promise it will be long. 

8.  We miss our friends.  End of story.  You guys are irreplaceable.  Like an old shoe.  Take that as you will.  🙂

9.  Nathan’s parents are coming!  For the next two weekends we have the immense pleasure of seeing family!  I couldn’t pack this statement with enough exclamation points to describe our excitement. 

So that’s all I can think of at present.  Stay tuned for future updates (hopefully).