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Changes, Changes

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We’ve been busy around our little nest lately.  So this is more of a quick post to let you know we’re still alive, and to show you a little of what we’ve been up to.

Nathan turned 30.  That’s right, the big 3-0!  As usual he embraced it with dignity and maturity, and I like the idea of being married to such an older, distinguished gentleman.  Honestly, I have to say that he gets more and more handsome with age.  We celebrated with a bonfire on the beach with friends.   As we sang him “Happy Birthday” he received a loving barrage of marshmellows  shot at him through marshmellow guns, hence the expression on his face.  I love this man!  It is such an honor to watch the years pass with you, Nathan.  I love growing old with you.

Nathan's birthday

We had a great time and I must say it was pretty cool to sit in front of a warm fire and hear the waves crashing behind us.

My handsome 30 year old.

Another change is I started a new job that effectively put the kabosh on our weekend excursions, so we took a last minute trip to Yosemite and camped for two nights.  We hiked to the top of Yosemite Falls (wow, was that a workout), and witnessed some breathtaking views of Yosemite Valley.  This place is the closest earthly thing to what I imagine heaven will be like that I can think of.

Halfway up the 2,800 hike. We hiked to the top of that fall behind him.

Napping at the top of Yosemite Falls.

View from the top of Yosemite Falls with the valley in the background.

Sorry, last Yosemite shot, I promise!  Can you tell I’ve fallen in love with this place?!?

View from Glacier Point, with Half Dome behind us.

It was a great last hurrah before I sold my soul to Corporate America (j/k).  So now we’re in the process of boxing up our first little nest and moving to a new little, but ever-so-slightly larger nest.  We also decided on a vacation destination and look forward to getting away for a week next month.  Phew, just writing all that out, makes me tired!  We are busy!  I can’t wait for everything to be settled and for us to find our new normal.  So that’s what’s new with us!  Consider yourself updated!  Oh, and come visit us!  The new nest has a fireplace to warm you and our very own washer and dryer to clean you up.  (just a few of the things that I am most excited about in our new place)