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A Hop, Skip and a Jump

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2010 at 8:43 am

I’m officially ending my blog-writing stalemate.  There have been a few trips and other happenings in our world the last two months, and I’ll try to get caught up in the days to come.

Before (or was it after?) we were married we heard a pastor mention one time that sometimes the best thing for your marriage is to get out of town and go away together.  I wasn’t fully convinced that your marriage “needed” this little excursion or indulgence, but I sure liked the idea of being put up in a fancy hotel room for a night.

A few weeks back, we needed just that, to get out of town and spend some good quality time together.  One Sunday after Nathan came home from church he instructed me to pack my bags and that we were leaving “pronto”.  I had no idea that he’d booked us a room at a resort in Lake Tahoe, a hop, skip and a jump (read 4 hour drive) from the Bay Area.  We’d never been to Tahoe but had heard the beautiful landscapes that abounded, and believe me we weren’t disappointed.  A crystal clear alpine lake surrounded by snow capped mountains and blue skies with puffy white clouds, what’s not to love??

Early morning at Lake Tahoe

Did I mention that I love this man?  Sure, it’s easy to love someone when they’re treating you to a night at resort and a dinner that you didn’t have to cook, but that’s not what I’m talking about.  He seems to have a knack for knowing what our marriage needs and when it needs it.  (Men, listen up!)  It was great to go somewhere that no one else knew where we were and lay on the beach at the lake, reconnecting and remembering why we decided to embark on a life together in the first place.  I didn’t know that we needed it until we were driving back home.

We had dinner on the patio at the Hyatt Resort.  They used pots of herbs as their centerpieces.  I thought it was a great, fresh idea.

Dinner on the patio

We finished out our trip with a morning of laying under an umbrella reading, eating lunch and enjoying God’s splendor.  I took home a pair of uber-sunburned shins and knees as a souvenir.  Lucky me!

Laying on the beach

We arrived back home in time for me to pack up my bags and leave for a few days back to Iowa (for another post).  Thanks, love, for the night away!