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A Healthy Dose of Perspective

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Nathan sent me this funny article from The Onion and I had to share it because it is often true.  I completely agree that it is much more pleasant to shop in Target and you see people in Wal-Mart that look that like either their gene pool was much too small or wouldn’t know where their shower was if they tripped over it, but I do enjoy making our grocery budget stretch over the course of an entire month.


This one goes out to Korea

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So there I was…  (anytime I hear this phrase at the beginning of a story, I know it’s going to be good, so perk up!)

Our friends Steve and Val were over a few weeks ago and Val was looking through our books.  I recommended a novel that I really enjoyed years ago The Pilot’s Wife. Val took my suggestion and left that evening with a new book to enjoy.

On Saturday we went over to Steve and Val’s for a get together with a few other couples, only minus Steve as he travels often for work for weeks at a time and was in South Korea. As I was standing in the kitchen Val hands me the book back.  I asked her how she liked it, to which she replied that it caused some level of anxiety in her.  “The story hit too close to home,” she said.

And then (not until then!) did I remember or even consider the entire plot about the book. (Spoiler alert!  If you ever intend to read the book stop reading NOW!)  The story centers around a woman who’s waiting for her husband to return from one of his frequent business trips where he’s also, ironically gone for weeks at a time.  Come to find out, she’s not the only woman that’s waiting for this husband to come home from long business trips all the time.  Although this wife is waiting for him on another continent.  And all of this is brought to light by this husband dying in a plane crash.

That’s right folks, I recommended a book about a cheating husband with a second family in another country who travels for business, to a good friend who’s husband travels often to a foreign country.  The lesson:  KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!

So Steve and Val, we apologize for any marital strife this has caused and we would be happy to pay for your first three sessions with a licensed counselor, and I promise to never suggest a book for you to read again, unless that book is about something non-transferable, like snails.

Odds and Ends

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I decided an update was in order after my long hiatus from my previous post.  I found myself starting off this entry with an apology for not posting in so long, but really, I’m under no obligation to post and can post when and how often I choose.  So no apology, just updates!

We enjoyed the visit of my friend Jenny, a former college roommate, who now resides in DC.  We spent a day wandering through San Francisco, riding a trolly (my first time) and trudging part of the evening through the rain.  I loved catching up with her and playing the part of tourist for a few days, and Nathan enjoyed feeding his introvertedness (is this a word?) with a few days by himself.  Unfortunately, I took no pictures of the weekend!

We spent a glorious weekend away this past weekend with the Becks camping just south of Big Sur.  And when I say glorious I mean it in every sense of the word.  We had arguably one of the most beautiful campsites on the Pacific Coast, slept well, read, took naps, sat on the beach and watched the waves crash, had good conversations, and played cards (NERTS to be exact).

View of our campsite

We’ve come to appreciate that there just isn’t anything like old friends.  It was refreshing for me to see Nathan so enjoy the company of Josh, laughing and joking around, and I covet the understanding, love and encouragement I share with Rochelle.  Not to mention being totally secluded from all things electronic like internet, phone service or TV.

View from our tent while taking a nap!

Nathan and Josh surprised us on Valentine’s Day and drove us south and then east to Paso Robles where they’d booked a hotel room and took us to a fabulous Thai dinner.  My solution for a romantic Valentine’s Day was heart shaped pancakes.

It's the effort that counts.

Which efforts do you think were appreciated more??  All I can say is that a bath feels amazing after 4 days of “roughing” it by the ocean.

The Drive to Paso Robles

Tomorrow we’re venturing into SF in hopes of securing a few free tickets to the King Tut Exhibit at the de Young Museum.  Why pay $50 to view mummies when you can stand in line for hours to view it for free?

This has been somewhat of a difficult week for us, and we’re still sorting it out and seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit to help us get there.  It’s so easy, I’ve learned to separate life into two categories of the “good things” and the “bad things”.  However as difficult as this week has been, we would be short-sighted to not see that this week has been good for us as well.  For in Christ, He works “all things for the good of the those who love Him”.   And we do love Him, not always like we ought, but we do.  And so we’re trying to grow from it and be teachable and approach God with humility.  I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but I just can’t imagine doing all of this without my husband.  I don’t know if God could have given me a better match in this life.  And I’m even more grateful that this trial is creating more unity and trust in our marriage, and a deeper love and appreciation for one another.

That’s all for now on the Eagle’s front.  Till next time…