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Merry Christmas!

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The stockings are hung, and I’m just waiting for my Santa to get out of bed and open presents with me!  We’re celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve morning, opening presents and enjoying a little egg casserole and cinnamon rolls.  After Christmas Eve Services we’ll be dropped off at the airport and be MidWest bound, weather permitting!

This will likely be our last post of 2009.  We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  This year has been one of many changes for us and in a lot of ways a difficult year as we adjust to married life in a new place.  Through it all we have seen, but not always clearly, our Father’s hand on us.  We’ve appreciated all of your prayers and friendship these last nearly nine months.  We eagerly anticipate all the ways that God will use you and us to glorify Himself in this coming year and pray that you may know Him more intimately in 2010 than you ever dreamed of.

And now, you can stop checking your mailboxes, because this is as close to a Christmas card/letter that you will be getting from us this year!  Merry Christmas!  Mom and Dad (Eagles and Starmer), we’re coming!!!

Merry Christmas, from the Eagles'!



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I must admit that I’ve not spent much time contemplating this Christmas the significance of God coming to earth in the form a small newborn child.  I haven’t considered much all that it cost him to give His beloved Son.  I haven’t stopped to truly marvel at all the prophecies fulfilled by the coming of His Son.  I haven’t been truly grateful for that night that my Saviour gave up comfort in Heaven to come and die so that we might live.

I’ve been too wrapped up in getting ready to go home and see family and friends.  Too wrapped up and worried about whether or not the weather will allow us to get home or if we’ll be spending Christmas in an airport.  I know a lot of us are.  But, I hope that this week we can put that all aside and regardless of where we end up Christmas Day we will be filled with overwhelming joy that He is Emmanuel, God with us, and that has made all the difference in the world, in your life and in mine.  Thank you, Jesus, for without you, we would be lost.  You are far better to us than we deserve.

Black & White, an Organ and Popcorn

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What do these three things have in common?  They can all be found at the Stanford Theatre in Palo Alto.  Yesterday Nathan had to go to Ikea on the peninsula, so I went with him and convinced him to take me to this theater.

Stanford Theatre built in the 1920's

This theater was built in the 1920’s and has been kept in it’s original state.  They play old movies in black and white (my favorite).  For $7 a ticket we saw Miracle on 34th Street and Shop around the Corner.  Both movies were great and to our delight enjoyed hearing Christmas music played on an organ that rose from the floor during intermission.  You can see the organ on stage in the picture.

It was a perfect way to enjoy some Christmas classics and Nathan was rather fond of their $2.50 popcorn.  Thanks, love, for the impromptu date!

A delayed post means…

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A list of recent loves.  I know that I still need to post about our whopping Thanksgiving, guests, and have a few others up my sleeve, but until I can find the time to do that, I will leave you with a list of my recent favorites…

1.  Real Christmas trees!  Who knew that Christmas could be made that much better?!  My husband was right.  They smell delicious, look beautiful, and you get to water them (insert sarcasm).  Maybe this will be one plant that I won’t butcher to death.

2.  Gummy bear vitamins.  If I was sure it wouldn’t kill me, I’d eat the whole bottle in one sitting.  I was told to start taking a multi-vitamin and my friend told me about these.

3.  Homemade artisan bread.  I started making our bread a few weeks back and use the “Artisan Bread in 5 minutes” recipe and let me tell you, it is delicious.  Takes little time, and virtually idiot proof.

4.  Catherine Miller Bible studies.  I just started a new book of hers and am thoroughly enjoying learning to have an Intimate relationship with my Father.  I’ve done several of her studies before and both have stretched and grown me.  I’d highly recommend any of her studies.

5.  Costco at Christmas time.  I can’t really explain it, but everytime I’ve walked into that gargantuan warehouse this Christmas season, I leave feeling full of life and excited.  Who knew buying in bulk could so invigorate you.

6.  Trader Joe’s.  I must say, it took some convincing to get on this bandwagon.  I thought it must be a gimmick.  But it’s true, they have produce at a reasonable price and I’m falling in love with their salad dressings, cheese selection, and candy (imagine that).

7.  My husband.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but he has been such a trooper the last few weeks and I couldn’t have gotten through them without him.  And my, my, my, is he handsome.

8.  Our Thursday night Bible study.  I absolutely love diving into the Word with this group of couples and they have treated us like family (as in the kind of family that you like and get along with).

9.  Ironically, there has been a silver lining in living away from family during the Christmas season.  The anticipation and excitement to fly home on Christmas Day and see everyone we love has made the last few weeks more exciting.

10.  Re-watching the previous seasons of Lost.  We can’t WAIT for the season premiere of the final season, and I’m picking up so much more than when I last watched them.

11.  Eating out with friends after church.  This may seem silly, but it’s a big deal to us.  I love that we now have people that we are friends with to actually lunch with.

12.  I’ve been reading through Hosea this week, and I love the reminder that God is faithful when we are not to Him.  I love that by grace I can approach Him with confidence and know that I won’t be rejected.