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Home Sweet Home

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I saw this video on someone else’s blog today and HAD to post it!  I’m not really a fan of dogs (don’t think less of me), but this was so heartwarming that I couldn’t help myself.  It reminded me of the time my dad returned home from Iraq and our dog Jake was so excited to see him that he peed all over the floor.  We’re actually housesitting this week and watching a golden retriever, so maybe I might just decide that we need one after all.



Egg Noodles

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One of Nathan’s favorite meals from his childhood is Noodle and Cracker Crumbs.  He usually doesn’t have an opinion on what he wants for dinner, but every once in a while, he’ll pipe up and say its a ‘noodle and cracker crumbs’ night.  They basically are egg noodles mixed with butter and finally crushed cracker crumbs.  I forgot to take a picture of the final product, but I imagine you can picture this in your head.

Unfortunately we’ve had some difficulty finding egg noodles out here.  So the last time he wanted this dish, I remembered that my mom makes homemade egg noodles for chicken noodle soup, so I thought I’d give it a try.  And were they good, and easy!  I may never buy egg noodles from the store again.  I used this recipe, but asked my mom about it later and she doesn’t even really use a recipe, they’re pretty difficult to mess up.

Once you mix the eggs, flour and salt up, you roll the dough out as thin as possible.  Then, I rolled it up and sliced the dough into pinwheels.

slice into pinwheels



















Next, I set out some wax paper and snipped the unrolled pin wheels, into the desired length for my noodles and let them dry for about and hour.  (The recipe will tell you let dry out completely, overnight, but you can throw them into a pot of boiling water right away, if you like)

Ready to boil










I made mine a little too thick this time and will roll them out thinner next time (which just happens to be this evening, we’re having Beef Stroganoff).  This recipe makes a hefty amount of noodles, so you can just throw whatever you didn’t use in a ziploc and freeze them until the next time you need them.   So how did I do Mom?

Prepping for a Feast

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I would have to say that Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday.  It’s, in my mind, the official kickoff of a season filled with family, friends, food and cheer.  You don’t exchange gifts on Thanksgiving, and really the only requirement is to have a thankful heart for all that God has provided.  I love spending this holiday at my parents all cozy, filled to the brim with good food and watching football.  I’ll miss staying up late the night before and chatting with/helping my mom make all of the yummy things she does.  As this is our first year living away from home we will sadly miss out on all these joys, but will be preparing and enjoying our own little (well, not so little gathering).  Our dear friends, Josh and Rochelle, and another friend Noel will be joining us for the big day of turkey.  We also will be introducing our Afghan friends to this great American tradition.  And a few days ago I discovered that another Afghan family will also be joining us, bringing the grand total to 16 people!

Yes, that’s right.  16 people!  Did I mention I’ve never prepared a Thanksgiving meal on my own before?  I guess if you’re going to learn something, under pressure is the way to do it.  Josh and Rochelle will whisk into town early Thursday and Rochelle and I will be busy bees in the kitchen.  We are so looking forward to their company for a few days, but I must say, I’m still a bit nostalgic for home.

To beat the rush, Nathan and I went grocery shopping on Friday to get all of the pieces of our feast.  He needed a little bit of sustenance and coaxing to remain in a chipper mood throughout our 3-plus hour ordeal, but we got everything we needed and are brimming with food ready to be cooked to perfection!  I’ll report back to let you know if there were any mishaps or victories on Turkey Day.

Making our list and checking it twice


To our families:  We love you and miss you and hope that you are able to enjoy Thanksgiving even an ounce without us.  (Oh, I know, it will be difficult..)  🙂

Happy Veteran’s Day

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Most know that I am a HUGE fan of my dad.  It would take more space than I have to tell you or explain to you all the ways that my life has been shaped or better off because of this man.  But today, I’m reminded how much my dad instilled in me a love for our country.  I remember my dad coming to school in third grade and teaching my class all about the American flag and why we show respect for it and how to fold it.  He came dressed in his military blues, and I remember thinking how cool it was to have my dad standing in front of my classroom looking so spiffy.  My dad devoted his entire career to the business of protecting our country and believed then as he does now that we have a freedom that is worth preserving.

He gave up birDSCI0074_2thdays, anniversaries, parties, holidays and dinners at home to serve our country.  Countless other men and women have given up the same and more, some even their lives so that we can reap the rewards and benefits of being an American.  I was recently reminded how great our country truly is, in a conversation with my refugee family as they related to me the difficulties they experienced as a refugee living in Russia.  How distrustful the police were, how they feared everyday for the safety of their four children, how they struggled to make ends meet because he wasn’t allowed to work.  I reassured him that that is not the way of America, and told him how blessed he was to come to America and give his children a good education, that he had the possibility of finding a job and that he could give his family a better life here.  He wholeheartedly agreed!

So thanks Dad, for your service and for teaching us that the principles that this country were built upon are worth fighting for. Happy Veterans Day!

The Author of New

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We love what’s new, don’t we?  A shiny new car, right off the lot, is sure to turn heads.  I love newly sharpened pencils or a new pack of pens.  I love new shoes.  We find a deep and satisfying joy over the birth of a new child, or a new bride and groom committing to embark on a new life together.  “Tomorrow is a new day”, we often hear said.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this idea of “new” and why it arrests our affections so acutely.

This morning as I read in Isaiah 65, I was reminded why I love things that are new.  It’s because my God is the Author of new.  He delights in making things new.  In this passage he promises to make ‘new heavens and a new earth.’  He makes us new through the death and cross of Christ.  He does away with our old selves, slaves to sin, and tells us to put on our new selves and become slaves of righteousness, to be set free.  This truth makes me want to see all new things in a different light.  The trees that are turning a NEW shade of orange.  That’s just like God, making something normal, into something brilliant and radiant.  Granted, new isn’t always instantaneously fun or exciting, but with God as our Shepherd, he is sure to lead us to new pastures and desire our good and not our destruction.

Things you can see at the California DMV

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DMV Waiting area

DMV Waiting area


1.  A man in his bathrobe sporting black patten-leather clogs complete with white ankle socks.

2.  A woman somewhere in her 50’s dawning black lipstick and a pack of ciggies hangin’ out her brassiere.  Now that’s hot.

3.  Grown men and women with full-blown cankles.  Not only seen on chubby babies any longer.

4.  Out-of-hand, screaming children, uncontrolled by their parents.

5.  Me, fully entertained during my entire 2 hour wait.

The Creeping Sensation

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I struggle to not be anxious or apprehensive, even when there is nothing to be anxious or apprehensive about.  I’m sure every woman reading this is nodding in agreement.  I woke up this morning feeling very apprehensive, as though waiting for the ball to drop.  When I tried to find the root of it, something to pin point the cause of this feeling, I could only come up with a mistake that I had made yesterday that was somewhat embarrassing, something I misunderstood that caused some problems.  Not big problems, but fixable problems.  So why would this relatively small situation yesterday cause me to sleep restlessly and almost dread getting out of bed this morning?


It took some time sitting in my chair this morning reading through Psalms and letting Scripture sift through my heart.  The conclusion:  I am anxious because I don’t trust God.  That’s nothing new.  What follower of Christ doesn’t know this or hasn’t been told this hundreds of times?  But it is so true.  I love how God’s Word is always relevant, even when we’ve heard it a thousand times.  The Holy Spirit gently reminded me this morning how long it’s been since I’d yielded my heart to him, to trust that He really is sovereign over every little aspect of my life.  To trust that for better or worse, rain or shine, He orchestrates thousands of little details that we call life.   So yesterday when I realized my mistake, I turned inwardly, frustrated that I’d not returned that phone call which had caused this unpleasant situation, because at that moment, I was all that I had, and I had failed.  I was all I was depending on.


Had I been trusting God and remembering throughout the day that He is my only hope, I probably still would have forgotten to make that phone call, and it probably would still have led to the same sticky situation.  But I could have turned to the Lord, asked for wisdom and got busy, and guess what, have slept well last night and not been anxious this morning.  When will I learn?  Psalm 91 reminded me this morning of this truth.  When we, in our hearts and our minds, live as though He is the Master and we are the stewards, life’s disappointments, trials, frustrations are way more bearable.

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, my, in whom I trust.”…

…You will not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness, nor the destruction that wastes at noonday…

…Because you have made the Lord your dwelling place- the Most High, who is my refuge-no evil shall be allowed to befall yo, no plague come near your tent…

…Because he holds fast to me in love, I will deliver him; I will protect him, because he knows my name.

When he calls to me, I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him.  With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.