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One is better than three…

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After reading all of your comments I realized several things:

First.  I need a lesson in thinking of others, because it never ONCE crossed my mind to give the extra two to someone else.  But honestly what would you have done with a free spring form pan as a college student…I would have been clueless.

Second.  Men must not read this blog or care a thing about spring form pans as not a single male responded to my post.

Though it seems an unpopular decision, I chose to go with the Target pan, much to the apparent changrin of two needy college students.


A Great American Dilemma

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I was on the hunt yesterday for a spring form pan needed to make dinner that night. Now before all you men roll your eyes and prepare yourselves for a estrogen-packed plug on “the best spring form pan that turns my cheesecake the perfect shade of golden” you can save it. Because that isn’t at all what this post is about.

I’m a thrifty gal so I first went to Wal-Mart (yes, we right-wing conservative new California folk have no shame in saving a buck or twenty at Wal-Mart). There I found only a pack of 3 spring form pans for $11. I only needed one but they only came in 3’s. I bought it and decided to give Target a try as well.

Target sold single pans but the single pans were $11 as well, the same price as Wal-Mart but yet I could get 3. Keep in mind that we pay an arm an a leg for a not so big apartment with not-so-much cupboard space, and let’s face it, I only needed the one. What was I to do? Did I pay more for the one thing that I needed or pay, in a sense, the same and get more which I didn’t need.

I came home, and as dinner-time quickly approached, made my decision and broke the packaging on one and went to work. Nate came home and thought I was silly for my choice. You’re dying to know which one I chose, right? (Trust me, I’m not that self-absorbed to believe that you are perched on the edge of your chairs about my choice of spring-formed pans.) But before I tell you what I decided, I’m interested to know what you would have done (more to settle a bet Nate and I have going). So let’s hear it, and that includes all those of the masculine persuasion as well.

Highlights from our weekend camping trip.

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We decided to get away this weekend and went camping at Fort Ross State Park along the coast north of us this past weekend.  It was a beautiful area and was great to “unplug” for a few days with no phones, TVs, or internet.  Nate and I came up with a list of highlights from our trip.

1.  Realizing that I single-handedly forgot not one, but ALL of our pots and pans.  I blame it on being an inexperienced camper.  I’ll know better next time.  Good thing I’m married to a closet engineer (don’t tell him I said that) who worked up some janky ways to make our meals.

2.  Pitching our tent under large redwoods.


Our Campsite

3.  Discovering that we weren’t the only ones sleeping under the redwoods.  We found friendly, albeit creepy neighbors in a pair of raccoons.  Nothing like neighbors with rabies that makes you sleep like a baby.

3.  Watching surfers from a cliff above while reading a book.  (I still can’t believe we live here sometimes.)

surfing cliff

Watching the surfers

4.  Touring an old Russian fort along the coast which was a) free, and b) not all that interesting most likely due to the former.

Fort 1

On the way to the fort

Fort 2

Orthodox chapel at the fort

5.  Taking an hour and a half nap because we could.

6.  Driving up Highway 1 and seeing some awesome views of the coast.

Hwy 1

Coast Highway



Safeway Irony

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Anyone else find this ironic?

And our first visitor is…

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This beautiful girl…Mrs. Abby Stern


I pick Abby up today at noon at the airport and I am so excited I couldn’t sleep this morning!  This will mark our first visitor for us in California, and I’m excited to test out my hostess skills on her.  If she’s still alive after my cooking, driving, and touring, the rest of you will have the green light to plan your own trips to see us!

Bits of sunshine

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Granted, we live in California, so we have sunshine in plenty, but here a few things that make my day a little “sunnier”:

1. The ice cream truck that passes our apartment everyday and plays the same song…every day.

2. Hearing Nate turn his key in our front door every night when he comes home from work.

3. This website. It might be saving my marriage right now! (Thanks for the vine, Nealy!)

4. Knowing that in a few short days I’ll be staring across the breakfast table at Abby’s dear face!

5. White peaches. The most DELICIOUS fruit I may have ever had!

6. So You Think You Can Dance. My long Wednesday evening by myself no longer seems so empty.

7. Laughing with new friends over a game of Loaded Questions. Quite refreshing.

8. Pride and Prejudice in print form. I’ve not read something before that so quickly improved my mood.

9. Realizing that we don’t get everything we want in life, and it won’t kill you. (sigh of relief)

10. Being reminded of Turkey and all that God is and will do there.

11. Hearing my best friend, Steph, delivered her first baby girl, Nora, and thinking about how blessed that little girl will be to have such a strong, creative and godly mother.

I went home with a hottie

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Nate had a coffee appointment for work tonight, so I went along to sit and work while he did his schmoozing. After a while I found myself watching him from across the coffee shop, watching his expressions and his interactions with the person he was meeting with. I couldn’t get over how attractive he was and for a second thought it must be cool to get to date that guy and she must be lucky, and then I remembered that I get to go home with him!! I’m THAT girl!! He’s mine, forever!

Sometimes, I think because we dated and got married so quickly, I forget (very temporarily, don’t worry) that he’s mine and I’m his for life. There were so many days, months, even years, that I thought this would never come to fruition. But goodness, am I glad I was wrong.

Not only is he a hottie, but he’s patient, kind, protective, hard working, just to name a few. And he took me home. Hmmm…I like that.

Ebb and flow

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately as to what makes up life.  Mine has turned upside down on me in the last few months and I find myself redefining my life.  New marriage, new apartment, new city, new culture, new church, new everything.  I never thought I would be somewhere I could look in any direction and see palm trees or hear so many different languages spoken while walking down the grocery aisle.  My life is made up of entirely new cirumstances and substance than it was before.  So I’ve been trying to wrap my mind and thoughts around how to embrace this new life.  I keep waiting for that day when I suddenly realize that this feels like home and I say to Nate ‘remember how hard it was when we moved and how clueless we were’, but that day seems to be in the distant future.

So for now, I’m trying to cling to the Thing I know that all life is created for, and yet I feel as though this is being experienced in very new ways as well.  And I’m trying to learn to cling to Nate.  Both are difficult and often not fun, but I know they are good.  And I think if I can learn to do both that the rest of life’s ebbs and flows will be easier to embrace and roll with.  Maybe not today, but someday.

The beginning of a tradition

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When we first learned we would be moving to California, one of the first things we settled on was that we would be camping, alot, but more importantly that we would be camping with our friends, the Beck’s, as much as possible.  These plans finally came to fruition last weekend when we met them in an area south of Big Sur along the Pacific Coast.  Josh and Rochelle also brought along Scott, who has just moved to the area and his soon-to-be bride, Melissa.

The original plan was to set up camp at this campground situated on a bluff overlooking the ocean, however, that was appeared to be a lot of people’s plans because when we arrived there were no sites to be had.  After speaking to a park ranger, we were directed to this narrow road with twists and turns, worthy of a third world country road.  We drove 45 minutes to reach the campground 13 miles inland over a ridge.  It was HOT at this campground, as it was more inland.  But nevertheless, we set up camp, had great conversation, great food and plenty of relaxation time.  The scenery was breathtaking and postcard worthy.  I unfortunately had to learn the hard way that just because it’s foggy and cool on the coast, doesn’t mean you can’t get sunburned.  In short, I was fried, but only on my face.  The things they don’t tell Midwest white people when they move to the ocean for the first time.

We’re looking forward to our next adventure with the Beck’s this weekend, though this one includes a pool, a desert and shopping.  I think this one is a little bit more up my alley!

Driving over the ridge from our campsite to the ocean.

Driving over the ridge from our campsite to the ocean.

Our lunch spot on Friday.

Our lunch spot on Friday.

Saw my first star fish

Saw my first star fish

Eating lunch and watching the surfers.

Eating lunch and watching the surfers.


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(Editor’s Note:  Someone in this household has a difficult time with technology, and has put this post way off to try and figure out how to appropriately add pictures and format the post, so please forebear my our attempt to figure out wordpress.  Any tips from other wordpress users would be much appreciated!)

Nate decided last minute to attend the Willow Creek Arts Conference in Chicago the first week of June.  We had a great week hanging out with friends from Cornerstone (we’re so bummed that we didn’t get any pictures of our time with them).  Nate soaked up as much as he could, and I “worked” while he was gone during the days with my beautiful twin, Maria.  If you know Bobby and Maria Scott, it’s often said that we look quite a bit a like, and it was also pointed out that we married men that look somewhat similar.  Kind of funny.  We caught a Hillsong United concert, which was amazing, and spent time in the evenings around the fire pit, eating, and laughing.  It was so good for us to be around some familiar faces.

On Saturday we headed downtown to spend the day with my cousin Brad and his wife Elissa. IMG_0972

They were great hosts and we enjoyed our time with them.  They took us to a yummy Greek restaurant in Greektown and showed us around Millenium Park, where we experienced the Silver Bean and walked through the Chicago Blues Festival. My boss told us that we had to try the architectural boat tour down the Chicago River and he was right.  I never knew Chicago had such a heritage of architecture.  Here were some of our favorites.


The boat tour was obviously a tribute to my father, or at least I'd like to think so. 🙂


The day was appropriately ended after a run to Jimmy John's. Nate was more excited by this than a 110 story building known as the Sear's tower. The closest one in norcal to us is in Reno, NV. Poor guy, suffering for the Lord.

We had a great time with friends and family and can’t wait to see you all again soon!

For pictures of our trip you can find them here: